Inspection service (Nationwide)

If you have found a car yourself through the private ads or through a dealer and you want a professional unbiased opinion on the condition of the car, then I can provide an inspection only service for you. I will travel to any location of your choice and I charge according to the distance from my home in Lincolnshire.

For distances up to 25 miles, I charge a fee of £200.

For distances of between 25  and 50 miles, I charge £220.

For distances of between 50 and 75 miles, I charge £240.

For distances of between 75 and 100 miles, I charge £250.

For distances of between 100 and 125 miles, I charge £260.

For distances of between 125 and 150 miles, I charge £270.

For distances over 150 miles, I will quote you a figure based upon location.
Please get in touch either by email or telephone for a quote for your desired location.

I carry out a full independent inspection, valuation, test drive and produce a written report giving you my unbiased opinion of the car you are looking to buy.  With every car that I inspect or find for a customer I carry out a full HPI Check for peace of mind for myself and you the customer, ensuring the car has no bad history (stolen or written off) or any outstanding finance.

My inspection usually takes around 1.5 hours and involves lifting the vehicle via a high lift trolley jack onto axle stands, so that the vehicle is high enough for me to fully access and examine the underside. I carry out a visual inspection of the vehicle without stripping anything down. Main areas that I look at are :

Chassis - looking for extensive corrosion and accident damage evidence.
Engine, gearbox and drive train for major oil leaks and abnormalities.
Steering, suspension and brakes for abnormalities.
Bodywork for any accident damage or sub-standard repairs.
All mechanical and electrical operations.

I cannot guarantee that the vehicle will be free of any mechanical problems that develop immediately following my inspection due to the fact that it is purely visual and does not involve the stripping down of any components to access internal wear or the corrosion levels of the internal areas of the chassis steelwork.

I also look at all the vehicle's paperwork, checking service history and making a valued assessment of the cars authenticity and desirability to be purchased.

The most important question that I ask myself when inspecting any vehicle is "would I purchase this vehicle myself?"

My inspection charge is comparable to that of the AA or RAC and the big advantage is that I have far more experience of inspecting TVR's and Lotus's, having owned, maintained, found and inspected many over the past 14 years.

With all cars that I find or inspect for customers I keep all details and digital photos on file.  This is for future reference and could possibly help re-sell the vehicle for you if you decide to sell it, especially if the car has been looked after and maintained to the high standards I expect of the cars that I look for and would recommend to my future customers.

Rob Ingleby

Here are some examples of TVR chassis corrosion

This is what you want to avoid when purchasing a TVR